About the Artist – John Kipong

Digital Artist / Designer

Embarking on an artistic journey that has spanned more than three decades, I, John Kipong, have navigated through the dynamic landscapes of graphic design and delved into the expressive world of painting. My foundational years at the National Arts School (1988) and the Faculty of Creative Arts at the University of Papua New Guinea, from 1989 to 1991, laid the groundwork for a career characterized by evolution and adaptability. This journey from the tactile charm of traditional painting to the limitless possibilities of digital art mirrors a deep dive into the realms of expression and creativity.

My career in design ignited immediately after graduation in 1992, beginning at Independent Design in Port Moresby. The advertising industry beckoned in 1993, leading me to Acme Advertising and subsequently to the role of art director at Savi Advertising. This period was marked by a deep engagement with print media, shaping my understanding of visual communication.

The world of book design and publishing opened new horizons in 1995, working on the 'Destination Papua New Guinea' book project. Collaborating with international writers, designers, and photographers, I journeyed from London to Reykjavik, immersing myself in diverse creative cultures. This experience enriched my skills in book design and publishing, contributing significantly to my artistic growth.

In 1997, I founded Designwise Limited, channeling my expertise into various projects spanning from the PNG Tourism Promotion Authority to Pacific Mobile Communications. This phase was pivotal in honing my skills in controlling quality print output and collaborating with global printing and creative professionals.

The advent of the internet and web design in the late 1990s marked another milestone. Sponsored training in Adelaide, followed by workshops in Sydney and Melbourne, and an Internet Internship Programme in Wellington, expanded my repertoire into the digital domain.

Parallel to my professional endeavors, my passion for fine arts painting flourished. During my time in the advertising industry, as digital tools began to revolutionize conventional practices, I seized the opportunity to explore this new medium. 

My art is a fusion of digital manipulation and traditional sensibilities, transforming photographs and scanned images into digital fine art. It embodies the essence of PNG artifacts, local scenery, and natural textures, all converging to tell a unique story through each piece.

My art is not just a representation; it's an exploration of the relationship between photographic imagery and fine art, a blend of the tangible and the virtual. As a non-conformist, I am driven by the philosophy of pushing the boundaries in all facets of visual arts. I endeavor to expand the horizons of digital fine art in Papua New Guinea, leveraging new media art as a vital component of the contemporary global art scene.

At the core of my work is the belief in 'Endless Creativity: The Perfect Mix of Two Worlds.' This ethos represents the seamless fusion of traditional artistry with modern digital techniques, a commitment to exploring and presenting groundbreaking art that resonates across generations and cultures. As I continue to navigate and expand my artistic horizons, I invite you to join me in this journey of innovation and expression, where every creation is a dialogue between the past and the future, the tangible and the digital.


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